Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy birthday, Matthew

This year, rather than a birthday party to celebrate his tenth birthday, Matthew wanted to go camping.

We've been away before for Megan's birthday, but that's in July. This is March.

Oh, what the heck! We've got the trailer now and we've camped at Easter the last two years. Not that much different.

So, we decided to try out somewhere we've not visited before. Cowichan Lake.

Not surprisingly, we found we had the whole campground to ourselves (apart from a couple of motorhomes nearby the first night)...

But the kids enjoyed exploring, and with nobody around to be bothered, they made dens in the woods all over the place.

And we got the bikes out to ride a few miles of the trans-Canada trail, including the spectacular Marie Canyon trestle...

And we all enjoyed the tiny but fascinating Kaatza Station Museum in Lake Cowichan...

And then there was the birthday itself...

Complete with birthday cake improvised from a chocolate swirl cheesecake...


  1. Greetings Ian,
    Ah Cowichan Lake, a bit of camping and one happy young chap. What a fantastic experience for all, no doubt.
    A belated happy birthday to your son, Matthew.
    Have a great weekend.
    In kindness, Gary :-)

  2. Happy birthday to Matt! You're quite blessed to be living in and near such gorgeous locations, Ian. Wowsa! :)

    I haven't been camping in too long. Maybe I should remedy that.

  3. Thank you for your kind wishes, Gary. Have you ever been out to Cowichan Lake? That was my first drive down that particular highway. Driven past the intersection many times on trips up-island, but this was new to me.

    Hi David, yes, it is a most beautiful part of the world. Amazing that we can be amongst such scenery in so short a drive. Quite eerie to have the whole place to ourselves, but the kids said that was the best bit about it.

  4. Happy Birthday to your kiddo! It's great that he wants to go camping for his 10th birthday. He could've wanted a party and a car ;)
    Wow, those places are awesome! Maybe I'll get there and visit some day.

  5. LOL Stephanie! Party, maybe (been there, done that) but car? Well, if it was made out of lego and had lots of wings and rocket engines, then yeah I could see that :D

  6. Hi Ian,
    In response to your question. Yes, I have been to Cowichan Lake. It was late October, several years ago. Just me, a tent and a 1973 Dodge Polara. Ah..memories :)

  7. Happy birthday, sweet Matthew! How fun and special to take him camping! I'm so longing for warm weather. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting, it makes me smile when you do.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  8. Sounds awesome, Gary. I hope you packed bear bells and pepper spray too!

    Thanks for the thoughts Elizabeth. I treasure comments too, and I'm always happy to make people smile :D


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