Sunday, January 16, 2011

More progress

Another little bit of progress to check off the list (I'm very much a lists person, by the way). The lanterns on the stern posts add some finishing detail to the pirate ship.

You can see I had a bit of sunshine to work in. In between showers. And I was working outside in t-shirt and shorts today, after we had snow earlier in the week. What a week of contrasts.


  1. The boat is looking good!

    Could we trade weather please? The thought of being outside in a t-shirt and shorts turns me to ice. It's currently fourteen degrees with a two degree wind chill. :(

  2. Yeah! When Ali got home and saw me she couldn't stop saying "Shorts? In January?" But when the sun was out it really was that warm.

    Heck, the year we moved in we found ourselves sunbathing in February! Ooh! Is that sending chills down your spine, Jean? :D


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