Monday, September 20, 2010

Reasons to be cheerful, one, two, three

Ever get those spells in life where just about everything seems to be dragging at you, and life seems to have lost its sparkle, then suddenly things seem to click into place again? Bit like struggling up a long hill in an old jalopy, wondering if you're going to make it, then reaching the crest and coasting effortlessly along the flat.

Last week was rather dreary - little opportunity to progress the pirate ship - and then a tiring weekend. I always struggle with the darkening mornings this time of year anyway, but it was a herculean effort this morning to drag myself to work, feeling horribly unfit because I've not been cycling much this summer. My blog has been feeling sad and lonely recently too, and many of the blogs I follow or lurk on regularly have been unusually quiet which left me with a slightly unsettled feeling.



This afternoon I got home from work to find that the sun had been out all day and the grass was dry. Time to get the mower out for the first time in two months!

Yes, it's been that kind of summer. Not that it hasn't been dry, but apart from the camping interludes it hasn't lent itself to the normal kind of relaxing summery activities, let alone routine lawn maintenance, but that's food for a whole 'nuther post.

Suffice to say, the jungle has been tamed and the yard looks a whole lot better for it.


I checked my blog and found that my followers have sneaked into double digits! Hurray!

OK, I know that's small beer compared to many, but - hey! - little things...little minds... and all that.

So welcome newcomers, and welcome anyone who happens to stray unwittingly across this patch of the blogosphere. Please feel free to make yourselves known with a comment or two. There's plenty of room...


I checked my inbox and found a note from an old friend from university who I've been out of touch with for nearly three decades, and who I managed to track down at the weekend.

And now, curry and beer beckons.


  1. I'm glad to be one of those followers!

    It's true that we all have those down and up moments, Ian. Although I have to say mine seem to follow the reverse curve of yours. I get melancholy during the summer months, then more upbeat the colder and more dreary the weather gets.

    You know, I think I'll write a blog update about why that is . . .

  2. Thanks David. I'd love to hear about what it is that energises you at this time of year.

    BTW...I tried adding a comment on your new comments form but ran into problems. I'll have another go this evening when I've got a bit more time.

  3. Can you tell me what problem, specifically, you are having? It would help a lot in figuring out the solution.

  4. David - yes, looks like I successfully added a comment. Rather long and rantish, but mainly boils down to the fact that it insists on gathering a lot of personal info for nothing more than adding a comment.


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