Sunday, September 26, 2010

It'll never fly, I tell you!

It's three weeks since I last posted a progress report on the pirate ship, and just over three months since I started building.

Wow! Is that all it's been? It feels a lot longer. Three months of sometime intense effort, with many breaks and interruptions.

Not a huge amount accomplished in the last three weeks because both time and conditions have been against me.

This month, of course, is dominated by return to school, and all the usual after-school activities ramping up. Now that Megan has started in middle school we had, not one, but two "meet the teacher" nights last week. Fortunately on different nights.

Then, shortly after my last post on the subject, the weather turned. Not many opportunities to work on the side planking that you can see here. You can also see how damp everything is; all that previously clean decking is now covered in leaves and bits from the trees. So this is going to be slow work from now on.

I decided a long time ago not to try planking everything solidly, and I'm glad I chose not to. When I started on the bits above deck, I realised how much it would emphasise the flat planes of this only-moderately-boat-shaped structure. Leaving gaps lower down, and subtly varying the widths of the gaps, helps to hide the true shape and give an illusion of roundness.

Luckily there's still plenty of pieces I can work on in the shelter of the garage. This weekend I'm making sets of steps to lead up from the waist deck to the raised platforms fore and aft. Then the top masts will take a bit of work before I'm ready to lift them into place. And I've started drawing up plans for the wheel and working out how to go about making it. Making large round things out of wood is not easy.


  1. Now that is really cool! I build a fence a few years ago. That's about the extent of my carpentry skills.

  2. Okay, I have to tell you, sir, that your name... is GENIUS. Views from the bald patch??? LOVE THIS TO DEATH. I didn't even read your post before I followed you, because anyone who comes up with that name will surely write things I will love to read. And I was correct.

  3. Wow! I stopped everything just to show my husband what you were working on, before commenting because I'm in awe of this creation! Beautiful carpentry!

    I've helped with habitat humanity to build a fence but that's as good as it gets... I'm in awe! I wish I had something like this *adds pirate ship on to-do list*

  4. Great job, Ian! Say what you will, but I think it's coming along so wonderfully still. I for one can't wait to see the finished product, no matter how long it might take.

  5. Welcome back, Alex and Jen. Please don't belittle fence building. I've done a bit of that too, and it's no easy task, so good for you!

    Glad you like the title, Erica. I hope you continue to find things of interest in this little neck of the woods.

    And I can't wait to see the finished product either, David ;-) This project is seriously eating into my writing time. But I'm enjoying it, *whispers* it's another creative outlet alongside writing. *Shifty* I hope the really dedicated writers out there don't realise what a part-timer I am.

  6. Beautiful project... and who is this for... you or the children?

    My husband once started a play house for our boys, with a loft and everything, but alas he never finished it, and then we moved.

    Good luck with your project...

    Saloma Furlong

  7. LOL, Saloma, in one of the comments to a post some time last month I raised a similar question.

    As soon as the last bit of deck was down, Megan said she didn't mind if I didn't get around to doing anything more on it. They've got what they want, and their imaginations can fill in the rest, so I think from here on it is more for my benefit than anything.

  8. That is seriously cool. Who doesn't want a pirate ship? Awesome.

  9. Thanks, Julie. It's something the kids have been bugging me about for three years or so. Decided I'd better get on with it before they grow too old to appreciate it.

  10. Don't show me pictures of men who can build things. I wear the toolbelt (and own the table saw) in this family and I can't do all that much. I would kill to turn you loose in my yard for week. lol :) It wouldn't have to be as grand as a pirate ship!

  11. A table saw, Wendy, that's what I need! Every piece on that thar ship is measured and cut by hand, so a week wouldn't see anything grand at all. A bird table, maybe?

  12. Wow! It looks even more impressive now that I can see the whole thing at once. Your kids are very lucky. :)

  13. Jean, it makes a big difference with some of the sides in place, doesn't it?


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