Monday, June 7, 2010

Some you win, some you lose

Today, Ray Rhamey posted my first page from The Ashes of Home on Flogging the Quill. He turned the page and, so far, so have the majority of voters (10 to 2 in favour at the time of posting).

Cue happy dance (while no-one is looking).

I'm relieved as well as happy, because this opening hasn't yet been critiqued and cleaned up. In fact, it has never before been seen outside of my laptop. A couple of weeks ago, Ray posted on his blog a plea for more submissions because he was starting to run out. So I duly obliged, but it had to go in raw and unreviewed.

Also today, Rachelle Gardner posted the winners of her "One Sentence Summary" contest. I sent in the one sentence pitch for Ghosts, but it didn't make it anywhere near the finish line. Oh well. With five hundred entries in the contest I think I'm in good company. And the winners were good.

Cue compensatory libation (as if I need an excuse).


  1. Yay!!! Congratulations. It's nice to hear that the vast majority of people would turn the page.

  2. Hey Stella! It wasn't quite the landslide in the end. It now stands at 14 to 8 in favour, but I'm happy. The FtQ crowd is a tough audience to sell to :-)

    The good thing, of course, is that I have some great pointers for cleaning this up. I thought if I can nail the opening it will help to attract critiquers in when the time comes to post properly.

  3. So which one was yours? Was it the assassin one? I voted for that.

  4. Yes it was, Lexi, thanks. And I saw your comment too. Assassins are fun, and more so those who are trying to be retired (in the non-dead sense) but who keep dragging their past with them.

    "Hope springs eternal" was literally the first thing I wrote down when the idea for the sequel came to me. It kick-started the whole scene for me so I'm kinda attached to it, but I recognise it's a cliche and may have to go. I'm working on how to keep the line of thought together but phrased differently.


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