Monday, March 8, 2010

The Olympics aren't over yet

Yesterday, we paid one of our frequent visits to Butchart Gardens. We like to get the most from our annual memberships, it's a great place to walk the dog, and we love to see how the gardens change throughout the year.

Strange thing is, even the kids never seem to tire of it, though it doesn't sound an obvious attraction for children to enjoy.

Yet they find amusement in all sorts of things: trying to touch the koi in the temporary Spring display in the cafeteria building, playing hide-and-seek and crossing the stepping stones in the Japanese garden, climbing to the top of the lookout in the sunken garden, trying to spot garter snakes sunning themselves in the rose garden, and of course the new carousel is still a must. In fact, every corner of the gardens seems to have its hidden treasures for inquisitive minds.

Yesterday, there was an added bonus. We were in the Japanese garden when I saw someone in a wheelchair coming around the corner. I found a spot on the narrow path to step back and let him pass. He was followed by another man in a wheelchair, then another. There was a whole group of them, and all wearing identical jackets. I spoke to one of the party, who turned out to be their coach. It was the Norwegian paralympic curling team. Megan was excited because she's just spent hours working on a school project about curling!

Well, I know I should be rooting for Canada, but - what the heck! - good luck Norway.

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