Saturday, March 20, 2010

I have my marching orders

It's been quite a productive day, making the most of the Spring sunshine. T-shirt & shorts weather by the afternoon.

Over the last few weekends, I've been slowly clearing the last untamed corner of the yard behind the tree fort, and concurrently working on the demolished rose bed that we didn't get around to finishing off last year.

That untamed corner was, many years ago, a compost heap hemmed in by a low wall of interlocking fence posts. When we first explored this little bit of wilderness we found some logs heaped up riddled with termites. They were out of harm's way, so we left well alone, until now. When I hauled out the rotting fence posts and logs (not many termites there now) I was pleased to find a nice heap of beautiful compost. We can make use of that!

So this morning, all that unwanted timber made its way into the utility trailer and off to the tip. And this afternoon, I started leveling off the soil in that new bed. Almost ready to take all that lovely compost.

All this work, of course, is little more that a means to an end. My main project this year is to build the long-promised pirate ship in that soon-to-be-cleared corner.

I've only roughly measured out the space available, and I have yet to draw up some plans, but Megan and Matthew have already been thinking about what they want.

Here is Megan's vision. You can see she's the straight and sensible one of the two. This is so restrained (though clearly achievable).

Then we have Matthew's version. He has big ideas and no inhibitions! This is three decks tall and probably as big as our house! I feel a little bit of expectations-setting coming on.

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