Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter sunshine

It seems quite surreal. Watching winter sports live at the Olympics just a few miles away across the water, then stepping outside in t-shirt and shorts to give the front lawn its first trim of the year.

And it was a good day to get outside and progress one of the landscaping jobs left over from last year.

When we bulldozed a strip off the front lawn last year to make a parking area for the trailer, we half-demolished a very old rose bed. We really wanted to save the roses, so I built a new bed for them.

They seem to have survived the move very well. All of them produced blooms that same summer, which we honestly didn't expect.

Of course, that left a messy hole in the lawn which, one day, will be a shingle beach garden. I got as far as the landscaping ties to form the back edge, but the bit in the middle is still far from beach-like.

Today's little bit of progress was to dig out and re-route one of the lawn sprinklers that now lay within the boundary of the new bed.

This afternoon, sun still shining, we loaded up the bikes and drove down to the Lochside Trail for a bit of fresh air and exercise. And a snack at Mattick's Farm before heading back home.

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