Saturday, February 13, 2010

No rest for the wicked

Back in Guernsey, oh so many years ago, we had a house which we had bought as a young, carefree ... and childless ... couple.

It did us very nicely, thank you. Plenty of room for parties and entertaining, and a garden big enough to enjoy yet small enough to be manageable.

Years passed. Children arrived. We started to feel the limitations. One of our objectives in moving away from Guernsey was to upgrade and have room to breathe. That, and the whole lifestyle / community to raise a family in / prospects for the future of course.

And we have it. Living space, decent sized rooms for the kids, and a back yard that we could only have dreamed about back then.

Of course, we then have to knuckle down and do something with all that space!

Project for 2006 - tree fort. Something I'd always wanted to build but which we simply didn't have room for in Guernsey.

2007, a tyre swing joined it, with a deck and seating area, to make that corner into the start of a proper adventure playground. Also made a swing seat for the grown-ups.

After a couple of years rest (Hah! If only!) I now have my marching orders for 2010. Seems they want a pirate ship now.

And I guess I'd better get on with it while they are still young enough to enjoy it.

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