Saturday, June 3, 2017

A tabletop exercise

I recently posted pics of our refurbished deck - a big upheaval this Spring that we are glad to have completed. Trouble is, we still weren’t properly able to take advantage of it during the week or so of fine weather at the end of last month.

We had an 8-seater table with a tiled top. Very nice to look at - when it was new - but over the years many of the tiles had cracked and were lifting. We checked reviews after the fact and found this to be a common problem with this design.

We were already thinking of renewing the top at some point. It was also very heavy, and we decided there was no way we were lifting it down off the deck and back up again. So this was clearly the time to strip off the tiles, making it light enough to move while they worked on the deck, with the intention of re-tiling afterwards.

Part 1 of the plan didn’t yield the result we expected. Instead of leaving a nice base underneath, the base (some sort of resin reinforced with wire mesh) was also cracked and came away with the tiles.

We were left with nothing more than a bare metal frame. Easy to move out of the way. Not so good for eating off.

After much agonizing over possibilities and cooking up alternative plans, I eventually came up with a design and spent last weekend busy with saw, plane, and wood screws.

Our outdoor living space is now officially back in action!


  1. Hi Ian - that looks really good - you must all be so pleased, especially you with your craftsmanship - now enjoy some outdoor living ... cheers Hilary

  2. Table looks awesome now! Bummer you found out about the tiles cracking after you bought it, but you made something beautiful out of it anyway.

  3. Hilary, this was important to us because we practically live outdoors for half the year.

    Alex, it does look very good. I just hope it survives the weather!

  4. That wood table looks fantastic!

  5. Al, it does look good. We are very pleased with it.

  6. Oh! I like it! The tile was pretty, but the wood looks fabulous. Nice job! Now go sit down and enjoy your new deck and table before it gets too hot outside. :)


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