Monday, October 31, 2016

What the heck happened to October?

It’s Halloween, last day of October, and it’s been a bloody exhausting month. Lots of things happening ... good, not so good, and just plain tiring. In the whole month it seems there’s hardly been a normal routine day, let alone week.

One of the biggest factors is Megan joining the football team this season (yes, actual American-style football as opposed to real football that the Americans call soccer :) And that means practices after school and matches every week, so a lot of late evenings home and daily planning of logistics getting food on the table around all the other things in life.

We don’t begrudge the effort. She’s enjoying it, it’s doing her the world of good, and last Friday I caught the tail end of a home game on a crisp and bright afternoon. I don’t know anything about the game, but I learned enough to see what a nail-biting finish it was, and the best bit was - they won. Against last year’s champions!

Add in an unusual number of other sundry events - drop-offs, pick-ups, before- and after-school help, a conference, charity fundraisers, multiple sleepovers and camps and parties - all contribute to an overwhelming feeling of busyness this month.

Yes, it’s been busy, but mostly good-busy.

The only real downer was two weeks ago we lost Gypsy, our husky who’s been with us almost as long as we’ve been in Canada. It was sudden, no signs of illness leading up to it. And the hell of it was she’d been back & forth to the vet recently because of a knee injury we’d been nursing her through, and they said she was in good health overall. So when we found her flopped on the floor and having trouble getting to her feet we thought - daft pup’s been overdoing it again playing with Ellie. But Ali realized this was more serious and whipped her off to the 24-hour hospital (why did she always insist on finding trouble on the weekends?) and within an hour she was gone.

On the writing front, I’ve completed a few passes through The Ashes of Home and tidied up a lot of points from my revision notes. The scene list (which I blogged about last month) has been very helpful in making adjustments to the order, tightening up timelines, and evening out points of view. I must remember that tool for future projects.

Over the weekend I printed the whole thing out for my first serious nit-picking pass through, which I always like to do on paper. Soon be ready for critique partners.


  1. Hi Ian - it does sounds busy! Congratulations to Megan - she will as you say enjoy and grow so much being part of the team ... the winning and the losing ... but excellent for her.

    Oh dear poor Gypsy - as you say so sudden ... probably good for her, but for you all - not so much ... I feel for you ... losing a four-legged friend is such a loss.

    Good luck with the revisions etc ... and then November! Cheers Hilary

  2. Very sorry about Gypsy. Pets never live long enough.
    That's awesome your daughter is playing real football. What position?
    And no idea what happened to October...

  3. My condolences for the loss of Gypsy. She looks like a splendid dog.

  4. It's taken a few days to respond because I've been out of town on business this week.

    Hilary, revisions going well. I took my draft with me traveling. Lots of wait times at airports etc. to fill :)

    Alex, no idea what position - I know nothing about the game - but it sounds like they have to play in a number of positions. This school team has only been going a handful of years and they need a lot more players.

    Stephen, she was a fantastic dog indeed. We'll miss her.


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