Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lunching on leftovers

Sitting at home nursing a cold. Probably didn’t do myself any favors struggling into work yesterday, but I was stubbornly determined not to kick off 2016 on sick leave even though I’ve been fighting off this darned bug since Friday.

I don’t know why, but I usually feel much better after a morning’s sleep (why can’t the overnight variety work the same wonders?) and am now foraging.


We love leftovers in this household, but this time of year especially ’Tis the Season of Leftovers.

Yes, the Christmas turkey did its traditional triple-duty, reincarnating itself with fries and salad, then as turkey noodle soup, but that’s long gone.

The remains of the New Year’s Eve Chinese vanished the following day (that never lasts long) and it looks like Ali’s taken the last of the chicken curry I cooked on Saturday. I always go out of my way to do extra these days. Should have done one more portion. Oh well...

The New Year’s Day ham reprised turkey’s act - fries and salad, then soup. There’s still ham and potato soup left but that is doing nothing for my taste buds right now.

Aha, a little bit of ham left over for sandwiches.

Screw sandwiches! Ham, egg and potato patties it is.

Happy New Year!


  1. Yeah, screw sandwiches! That breakfast sounds far more delicious, anyway.

    Get better soon. And ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  2. As long as you were satisfied!
    We usually do either Chinese or Thai food for New Year's.

  3. David, I think I needed something warm and that hit the spot :)

    Alex, a meal out at one of our favorite restaurants downtown has become a New Year tradition for us now.

  4. We did a couple hams for Christmas; and was glad the leftovers were gone before new years. Sometimes Hamburger Helper is a good idea :)

    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Hi Ian - I agree .. going back to sleep is wonderful .. I hope this week will put your cold behind you - and you can enjoy the start of 2016.

    Left-overs are the best ... really good - we love them with a baked potato ... love those things! Cheers and happy New Year - Hilary

  6. I love leftovers....Our turkey went much the same way as yours; sandwiches, casserole and soup. The ham was sliced up and frozen in small amounts and we are still eating ham and pea soup. Good stuff. Feel better soon.

  7. Everyone seems to be sick lately. Tis the season. I hope you are feeling better after your feast!

  8. Donna, I don't think we've ever had to go there yet. Curry is our catch-all spare meat solution :)

    Hilary, yeah, not the best start to 2016 :(

    Delores, I have a suspicion we've still got some turkey in the freezer from last year. I feel a curry coming on...

    Shell, had to take a second day off - very unusual for me - but feeling a lot better now thanks.

  9. It's weird that that extra back to sleep in the morning is always the most restful. I tend to get up early these days just so that I can enjoy that second sleep option should opportunity or need arise.

    Unfortunately in my house, I'm the only one who appreciates leftovers so I have to cook accordingly.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  10. Jean, our fridge just wouldn't look right without a few leftovers in it. Feeling much better thanks.


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