Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tempus fugit

As usual at this time of year, Christmas is just around the corner and seems to have ambushed us. I’m sure it hides out in some dark corner of the calendar and lies in wait, because it always seems to catch us by surprise.

I started collecting notes for our annual family newsletter way back at the start of November. Plenty of time, I thought. But November’s upped and gone and we’re already 20% through December, and newsletter still not done, cards yet to be mailed overseas. How did that happen?

At work, alongside normal work assignments I seem to have got roped in to organizing an unusual number of events recently. A fund-raising chilli cook-off, a trip up-island to visit some of our regional offices, and a staff lunch for our whole branch.

BTW - Our Movember team at work raised $1,460 for causes related to men’s health. Thankfully I didn’t have to do anything for that other than grow hair, which seems to work everywhere but on top of my head.

Outside work, I’ve been busy on critiques and cover art for The Critique Survival Guide. Things coming along nicely there, I hope to publish the e-book early in January. Add in various after-school activities and sundry appointments, and the month has been busy. We’ve even made a couple of abortive attempts to be sociable, but plans got scuppered by illness.

Now, we need to get this newsletter licked into shape, and take advantage of a break in the rain to get a Christmas tree and put up decorations.

With various seasonal events already crowding the calendar, December is shaping up to be just as hectic.

How do you find this time of year? Frantic? Energizing? Do you enjoy it, or want to crawl into a hole?


  1. Hi Ian - I'd love to have 'everything' done by December, so I can deal with entertainment such as it is, but concentrate on the things I want to do ... that's not happening yet!

    You've been busy though ... hope the little helpers have been helpful and the tree is up, perhaps helping with envelope addresses ... the rest - well it will happen - cheers Hilary

  2. I used to find the season frantic and frenetic....then I retired.....then my family dwindled down to just us and our daughdter and her it's easy peasy. I'd love to go back to frantic and frenetic.I

  3. I don't enjoy it with the unabashed enthusiasm of my younger years, but I still try to maintain a festive holiday spirit.

  4. Hilary, the tree is now up, yet to be decorated. That was a chore this year. We always choose & cut a live tree but this summer was so dry many of them at the tree farm were damaged so it was hard to find anything decent.

    Delores, I could do with either a bit less frantic or a bit more time in the day. Retirement sounds good :)

    Stephen, I think my younger years also came with a little less responsibility :D

  5. I've been frantic and busy for a couple months now. I think just before Christmas arrives, it will finally settle.
    Cool you raised so much money.
    Instead of a Christmas newsletter, it could be a New Year's letter instead...

  6. Great that you raised $1,460 for men's health. And Christmas...I love the season, but haven't done anything towards it. I look forward to wrapping gifts, gathering family, and cooking delicious food. I began planning menus yesterday, but otherwise, nada! (I'll be doing a Christmas post soonish and sharing my Toblerone Cheesecake again. Hope you still enjoy it!) :-)

  7. Alex, we've been there some years :) This isn't the first time we've been late out of the gate.

    Denise, I'm OK with the cooking part, but that's not something to worry about until much closer the time. And, yes, we still enjoy that cheesecake recipe from time to time.

  8. Yes, each year it does come upon us faster and faster, doesn't it? I've noticed that as well, much to my dismay.

    But ... Happy tidings to you and your family this year.

    And, yes, get cracking on that newsletter! :)


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