Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

We are coming up to our 11th anniversary in Canada, and this weekend is our 11th Thanksgiving.

I’ve always thought of this celebration as Canada’s secret holiday. It’s hard for an outsider to appreciate how big it is.

People talk about it, but apart from extra prominence of turkeys for sale there’s no obvious commercialization.

Unlike the noticeable decorations at Christmas and Halloween, the only outward clues are here and there around the neighborhood, where cars spill from driveways onto the verges signaling a large gathering at one household or another.

In our years here, we’ve been privileged to be invited to a couple of such gatherings, so we have some small insight into the part this celebration plays in our adopted culture. A few other times, we’ve played host to a few friends. Most of the time, like this year, it’s a private time of reflection for the four of us.

For North American readers, how is Thanksgiving celebrated in your neck of the woods?

Regardless, here’s wishing you a happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    It is a little bit more commercial here, but tends to get lost between Halloween and Christmas decorations.
    We often spend it with friends.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well......the kids are coming and we will 'gobble 'til we wobble'.

  3. Alex, with yours being in November I can see it getting lost in between. I like the October date.

    Delores, that sounds like a plan! Our turkey is now cooking nicely and veggies prepped. Time for a glass of wine, methinks :)

  4. Belated Happy Thanksgiving .. sounds a lovely time - not too much hype - also seems the family has things under happy control .. expect the meal was delicious ... cheers Hilary

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it's a grand day for you and your loved ones. :)

  6. Thank you Hilary and Chrys, we had a lovely meal. Nice quiet family occasion.

  7. Sorry I didn't make it back here last week, and I hope your Canadian Thanksgiving was perfect. We love Thanksgiving because we're foodies. (Never would have guessed with all the talk of cheese, eh?) It's the one time of the year my hubby feels validated to flex his creative chef muscles. Most of our family is on the other side of the country, so we usually celebrate with friends, but it is such a great time to think about the blessings we enjoy.

  8. A late happy thanksgiving to you! Hopefully you've used all the left overs by now.

    We celebrate by inviting over all relatives, some of which we'd prefer not to invite, to eat way too much food and then spend the next two or three days eating all the leftovers until we don't want to see turkey anything for another year.


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