Sunday, September 13, 2015


After a flurry of rain and wind at the end of August coinciding with our last camp of the season, summer is making a brief rally, but it’s noticeably surrendering to the darker mornings and cool evenings. Not long now before we’re back to lighting the wood stove, I think.

In readiness, we’ve just moved our deck furniture off the deck and to its winter home in our bedroom - a cozy seating area near the stove. This is a sure sign, and always brings a tinge of sadness after months of practically living out on the deck.

Back to school - a few groans but also anticipation. Big change for Matthew, now starting high school. Megan is excited to be starting field hockey, and puppy-training. No, nothing to do with school. She’s training our new arrival to the family. Meet Ellie, an Australian shepherd.

Now that Tiamat’s Nest is out in the wild, and my talk at the library is out of the way, I’m taking a breather before picking up my next writing project. Time to have some fun with iDraw...


  1. Ellie is cute!
    We'll still be warm enough for deck furniture for two more months. Actually, fall and spring are the only times we can enjoy it. Too humid otherwise.

  2. Hi Ian - Megan's found her friend for life ... Ellie looks delightful. Good for Matthew - new school - good luck to them both; well done on doing the talk .. and now good luck with book sales ... and enjoy iDraw ... cheers Hilary

    PS - it's soaking wet here?!

  3. A good time for you to recharge your creative batteries before diving into a new project. Cute puppy.

  4. Best time of the year! ;)

    Well, actually, the changeover before the best time of the year!

    But, anyway, you really did have quite the wonderful summer from all I've read. And, good luck to Matt. Wow, high school already??? Time flies!

    Oh, and the new addition to your family is absolutely the cutest! :)

  5. Alex, we have it mild compared to most of North America. The height of summer is still good to be outdoors here.

    Hilary, you're talking of England, of course it's wet :) :) :)

    Stephen, yep, time for a little downtime.

    Diane, she's definitely working on the cute look!

    David, it's been a pretty good summer, but over sooo quickly :(

  6. I've been lacking time for wandering blogs for while, but I'm trying to catch up. Love the new book cover. The new puppy is adorable! And I'm totally not ready for fall. Thankfully, no leaves have started to change here yet, but that's just a matter of time.


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