Saturday, July 4, 2015

Selfie revenge

Ever been out as a family and your teenage daughter can't stop taking selfies of herself and her friends?

Us oldies can play at that game too!


  1. Cute selfies. These pictures can now be used against you if you ever run for high office. Happy Fourth of July.

  2. Hi Ian - good for both of you ... fun to see ... and to hear the laughter from BC ... cheers Hilary

  3. Stephen, you mean I can't run for President? Aww, shucks!

    Hilary, we laughed indeed... :)

    Alex, we were rather proud of the results :)

  4. lolol! LOVE this post. Oh my--your wife might have to practice on the "duck lips". I know she can get it--not to be outdone by a mere teenager. :-)

  5. Ah, cute!! My Other and I take selfies like this, haha


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