Sunday, June 28, 2015

Phew! It’s getting hot!

It’s been a glorious spring in this part of BC, and summer is kicking into high gear this weekend. Don’t know how long it will last, these spells of 30+ tend to last only a week or two each year around Victoria, but for now it’s barbecues and salads alfresco.

With one thing and another, my plans to get everything finalized this month to release Tiamat’s Nest early July took a hit. Seeing as we’ve also got some summer camping planned I’ve now settled on a release date at the end of August.

If anyone would like to help spread the word, I’ll be posting more details as soon as the final cover is ready. Meanwhile, the e-book is now available for pre-order on Smashwords at an introductory price of $0.99.

So, how’s your summer going? And do you have any unique or adventurous vacation plans?


  1. Enjoy your summer and I'll be looking forward to picking up Ghosts of Innocence when it hits Amazon for Kindle.

  2. I'm still recovering from our recent trip to Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland. Now I'm too broke to do anything else this summer.

  3. Delores, I will be putting it up on Amazon separately, but the Kindle version is also available through Smashwords. Meanwhile, I'll ask you not to order it until I get a coupon to you, you are due a free copy for helping with the reading!

    Stephen, that was quite a trip, and to a lovely part of the world, too.

  4. We've been near a hundred degrees for over a week but caught a break this weekend.
    Be happy to help spread the news when the book is released!

  5. Thanks Alex. More information to follow in due course...

  6. I wish our summers were as short as yours. I love it when the first day of summer comes -- because the days only get shorter from there! :)

    Although barbecues and fresh, leafy greens are a highlight of the season, I must admit. I hope you have fun camping!

  7. David, summers here are usually quite long and just pleasantly warm, not like in a big city. It's usually only a week or two when we get a more intense spell like this. We'll see...

  8. Life at home is enough of an adventure for me. You know I'm totally happy to have you for a Writerly Wednesday the end of August. I have to double check my dates (the calendar sprouted legs) but shoot me an email and we'll figure it out.

  9. Crystal, I'm sure there's a market for calendars like that. I'd love it if no-one could book meetings with me at work! And I will most certainly drop you a line to arrange something. Thanks.


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