Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sci-fi artwork

Whew! After a lot of digital camerawork, uploading, and formatting, I've finally created a gallery of paintings on my website.

I'm missing a handful of older paintings that are sitting at my parents' house back in Guernsey, but there are 25 images on view spanning almost exactly two thirds of my life.

Time for a celebratory beer.


  1. Good to see you getting a gallery up. I was happy to check it out and see what inspires your writing. You have an awesome imagination, it shows in your drawings.

    Cheers, Jenny.

  2. Ian, those are impressive! I didn't realize you did your own artwork. Proof that creative people are creative in many areas.

  3. Your more recent paintings are more mystical. I like them all but I think I like the more recent ones best.

  4. You're a gifted artist and your artwork is extremely compelling. Interesting that you don't paint many figures. They seem to be what I paint most. Fascinating how our muses work in different ways.

  5. Thanks Jenny, although I think inspiration for painting and for writing come from very different directions for me. I can see writing possibly inspiring painting, but I haven't felt a tug in the other direction as yet :)

    Alex, you yourself are proof of that...

    Delores, I think there's a distinct shift over time, maybe something to do with growing up?

    Stephen, I envy people who can do figures and faces. Those are pretty much no-go-areas for me.

  6. What a joy to know someone with talent! Nicely done.
    Told you I'd drop by!

  7. Thanks for dropping by, Al. You have an enviable talent for making people laugh, I must remember to visit more often...


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