Saturday, January 25, 2014

I have a web site

Wow! Things are flying along now. Since my last update a few days ago, I've had a call from the Municipal Hall to say my business license is ready for collection, I've officially engaged my chosen book designer, and...

I have a web site

Yes, it's very simple right now, but it's a start. I signed up with It doesn't have the range of features offered by sites like Wordpress, but at this stage I think that's not such a bad thing. Keeps me from getting distracted by too many toys and gadgets, and focused on content.


  1. Your web site looks very professional.

    1. Thanks Delores, the templates are very professional to start off with, and I felt it best not to try messing around too much with that starting point.

  2. Congrats on the website. Looks great!

  3. Great looking site. As always, I love your paintings!

    And wow, Ghosts of Innocence sounds very promising. I'm looking forward to reading it! :)

  4. Diane, thanks.

    David, I hope it lives up to its promise!

  5. Simple is the best way to go. A professional and intriguing site. Congratulations!

  6. Hi Ian,

    Nicely done and very clean. Welcome to your worlds, indeed, eh.

    All the best and cheers.

    Gary :)

  7. Jean, that artwork finds its way everywhere :)

    Ellie, "simple is best" is the conclusion I came to, too.

    Gary, thanks, and I hope you are keeping well through the British winter :)


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