Monday, December 2, 2013

So this is where November went

No - not NaNo :)

Just over a month ago, we started on a renovation project that we've been talking about for a few years. The kids' bedrooms open out into a basement room that we turned over to them as a playroom. There was a bathroom in one corner, so they had a small self-contained part of the house to themselves.

Trouble is, the main room was also where all the plumbing for laundry was too.

Not good for them. Not good for us, shoveling piles of crap out of the way whenever we needed to do laundry. The situation needed to be remedied.

This is the playroom right now.

We have professionals doing all the tricky stuff, but to save cost we are doing whatever we can - mostly running around buying materials, and things like painting. Their bedrooms are relatively inaccessible, so they are camped out in our room, and we are in the guest room. With all the upheaval, November seems to have disappeared in a blur.

The laundry-room-to-be is taking shape. You can see that we don't hold with the typical Canadian interior decor of "fifty shades of beige". We like our color, and we've learned to trust our instincts and be bold.

And next door, a rather stylish bathroom is starting to emerge.

Things are starting to come together. Trouble is, we are wondering what to call this newly-revamped space. Somehow, "playroom" doesn't seem right for teenagers. Any suggestions?


  1. Very nice renovations/remodeling! I love the color choice--great decision there. But I know how these things make the time fly. I hope they're done soon.

    And, I would probably call it a "rec room." Sounds more grown up, doesn't it? :) Make sure to let us see the finished product, now.

  2. Gotta love remodeling, huh? I think Rec Room sounds good. Hope you all survive the whole project!!

  3. It's looking good. So.....other than laundry, it's the kids space?
    The kids are teenagers? Hmmmmm....'the pit', ? Just kidding. Games room, rec room, lounge, media room, rumpus room, ...okay, I'm out of ideas.

  4. Glad you like the color, David. "Rec room" is a possibility, I'll have to put it to the committee :)

    Danette, we aren't quite to the point of madness yet, and I think there's light at the end of the tunnel.

    Delores, oddly enough, "The Pit" was my first thought too :)


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