Friday, November 1, 2013

Minecraft battleship laid bare

Following on from an earlier post, as the hull rises above sea level, here is a bird's eye view of the main deck fully laid out and furnished.

This is the only level on the ship where you can walk from stem to stern under cover. Below here, shown in my previous post but now decked over, the ship is divided by transverse bulkheads into twelve separate compartments for machinery, magazines, and storage. Above, still to be built, the covered area will only extend from the bow to level with the funnel before breaking up into the aft superstructure.

This deck is the main living and working area of the ship. From the stern...
...the view is dominated by the aft 16" turret now sitting on top of its barbette. To the far left are the spacious admiral's quarters, then officers' accommodation.

The midships section contains the wardroom, sick bay, chapel, bakery, laundry room, washrooms, and offices.

The towers along either side are the 6" gun supports, which will be topped off by twin gun turrets. Then we come to the bow section mostly consisting of crew mess decks.

Again, everything is overshadowed by the massive three-gun turrets of the main armament.


  1. Hi Botanist. Glad to catch up again. Life gets busy, huh? Thanks for coming by and commenting on my colour post. This is one big ship.

  2. Oy! You can tell I don't play video games. I thought I was looking at a Lego ship you built. Hey, what can I say? Didn't you once build a pirate ship? :-) lol. Hi Ian. Hope all is going well in your part of the world! Time to break out the down covers where you are? :-)

  3. Denise, life does indeed get busy :) Yes, it's a big ship. One thing I don't think I mentioned is that it is (as far as is possible within the restrictions of Minecraft) to an accurate scale.

    Teresa, it does look just like Lego. Some time soon I'll show off the advantage of Minecraft in that you can "walk" around the decks and go inside too. Not yet time for extra blankets, but it was a bit nippy outside today :)

  4. Hi Ian,

    Dreadfully sorry that I've not been visiting your blog as of late. The busy life of a celebrity, eh. And me as well :) If I was silly, I might ask if you shall be coming back over on that fine looking ship.

    Have a good one, eh. One more cup of Tim Hortons coffee and I shall get some sleep.


  5. Hi Ian .. I admire people who can spend 'hours' building models - on the other hand I can spend hours in the kitchen cooking, or sewing ... well I used to!!!

    Great outlet though .. cheers Hilary


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