Sunday, July 21, 2013

Meanwhile, back in the Real World

I'll post about the Writing World another time, but today it's time to take a breather from all that and talk about the Real World.

Seems like July is nearly over before it's begun. Canada Day feels like a mere blink of an eye in the past. Ali and I found our usual spot to watch the Sidney parade, where we've been every year since we moved here in 2005 (when not actually taking part in some way or another).

The sporadic and heavy rains that had characterized the year so far stopped at the end of June, and we've had unbroken summer all July. I just hope it remembers to hang around for August, when we're taking our usual camping vacation!

We got an exceptionally early delivery of firewood this year...
This is now all stacked away ready for winter. One less job to worry about later on.

The blitz on all things botanical that I talked about in May has withered in the heat. Battle will be resumed when things cool down again.

With Megan getting ready to go off soon for three weeks on a Guides international jamboree, I took a couple of days off work to make an extra-long family weekend.

On Thursday, we packed up the propane barbecue and a picnic and headed off to French Beach.
Note for future reference, although the sun was out, there's always a strong and chill wind coming off the Pacific. We sunbathed for a bit, played bocce on the grass, then the kids wrapped themselves up in towels and picnic blankets to keep warm.
Next time, bring sweaters!

Yesterday we played mini-golf.

In between times, we've had long rounds of cards on the deck (did you know Uno could be so competitive?) and badminton on the front lawn. Megan and Matthew both started playing this year and are both getting good.


  1. Uno can be a lot of fun and bring out the nasty side in people you would never expect it from lol.

  2. Sounds like you have some good summer fun ahead. I am dreading school starting already! Just 4 short weeks- if even that...

  3. Delores, so true. Especially if you play the rule that allows you to accumulate "pick up" cards and hit the next person on with a double (or triple) dose of misery :D

    Danette, you must have short holidays, or early. We have another 6 to go.

  4. I stink so bad at mini golf!! My. 6 year old beats me every time.



  5. Valerie, I bet your 6 year old gets a kick out of it every time, too :)

  6. I haven't played mini golf for so long. Always fun.
    And family card games are always competitive in this house.
    Sounds like a great weekend

  7. Mynx, competitive much! And Uno gives you lots of opportunities to be sneaky and mean to your opponents :)

  8. Amazing photos...I adore nature too. Canada looks so magical from your point of view Ian :). And I also must buy wood for the winter...:(

  9. Unikorna, I think we struck lucky, this part of the world is magical from just about any point of view :)


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