Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Yes, I've signed up for the A to Z Challenge 2013.

Yes, I've got a theme.

No, I'm not telling you what it is ... yet.

I can say, though, that it is not about writing. Anyone care to guess?



  1. Hmm. Is the theme pirate ship? (still very impressed by the one in your garden)

    Moody Writing

  2. Is it about becoming Canadian? You know, A is for Arctic temperatures, B is for belonging, C is for crazy Canucks..

  3. Pets. You do have a menagerie after all, don't you? :)

  4. Ooh! What fun, you took me up on the challenge :)

    Mood, thanks and good thought. Not pirates, though.

    Delores, that's an idea, I could probably make a theme about that too, but that's not it.

    David, true, I could get 20% of the way there just with the kinds of animals we have.

    Excellent guesses all, but none of them even close.

  5. I am just going to say that I wish you good luck with it and I am looking forward to what you come up with.

  6. Ok, this sounds like fun. I've decided to join you this april. :)

    Your theme...Camping? Riding bicycles? Ways to relieve back pain from working for too long?

  7. Awesome, Jean! Good guesses, but still wrong. Hmmm...if only I knew that many ways to relieve back pain :)

  8. Haha! I loved the comments! Wow...guesses... I'm going with space-related things. Stars, moons, planets, black holes, asteroids. Seems so Botanist.

    Oh wait... duh! "Botanist" It's about plants and plant kingdom entities. ;-)

    I'm glad you've made the commitment. I haven't yet. Still might. Still might not. :-)

  9. Hey, Teresa, the A to Z does take up time, but it's a great experience if you do decide to take the plunge. Plenty of time to think about it still.

    Nope. Not space or plants. Nice try though.


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