Monday, December 17, 2012

I don't like Mondays

Sorry The Bald Patch has been unusually quiet lately, but I haven't been in the mood for posting. It's not been the best month.

Three weeks ago today, a close friend of the family died suddenly. He will be greatly missed by all of us.

Ali agreed to take on his dog, a husky called Toby. We've looked after Toby many times before and always been careful to keep him separated from the cats, but never had a problem. The following Monday, Tubbs failed to come in for dinner. We were worried but could do nothing about it. The following morning, we found him dead in the back yard. Toby had caught him.

Last Monday, both the kids were ill, but recovered well and life seemed to be getting back to normal. Then on Friday we read about the tragedy in Connecticut. This news hit unusually hard. I just keep imagining a whole class from our own elementary school torn away, and I feel cold inside.

Today, while taking some special needs kids from her school out for a treat, Ali had her purse stolen. Happy Christmas, whoever you are.

This evening, the world just feels surreal. I know it's irrational, but it feels like the overtures of a bigger storm to come. Our hold on life and civilization feels especially fragile and vulnerable right now.

Sorry again. I don't mean to write a gloomy post. I'm looking for reasons to be cheerful, and open to suggestions...


  1. Hi Ian .. oh dear - I am sorry about your friend and his family. Having Toby was and is a generous gesture .. but poor Tubbs ... sick kids, stolen purses and Sandy Hook - I can feel your sorrow and frustration. Look after yourselves .. and with thoughts .. Hilary

  2. Sometimes it feels like all the **** in the world has landed on you all at once. Maybe it happens to make you appreciate all the good things there still are in your life, I don't know, but it really stinks when it happens. I hope that things settle down for you now and that you will be able to find some of the peace and joy of the season as you break bread around the table together. Oh yes, and the dog????? I wouldn't be keeping any creature like that around the house...if it will kill a cat who knows what it is capable of.

  3. Oh my. This is a rough month. Sorry about your friend and Tubbs. *long distance hugs* Let's hope for a happier and brighter new year.

  4. Sorry about your friend. Good of you to take his dog, although at what a cost.
    If your family is healthy and with a roof over their heads, then look at that as a blessing.

  5. Hi Ian,

    Oh my, what a traumatic time for you and your family. A most thoughtful gesture to have his dog be added to your cast of treasured family members.

    After such an horrific event you allude to, somehow we hope that such tragedies, such evil, will never touch are beleaguered hearts again.

    I know you rejoice in the adventure that you and your loved ones share on beautiful Vancouver Island. May you have a peaceful, positive Christmas, my friend.

    Penny the Jack Russell dog on behalf of her human, Gary...

  6. Thanks for your words of encouragement, everyone. I should add a note about Toby, after that incident we decided we could not keep him. He's gone temporarily to the nearest family member (our friend had very little family here) who is looking for another home for him. We don't blame him, he was only following his instinct, but knowing what he is capable of we would spend each day wondering when another cat would stray too close.

  7. Sorry to hear of your loss and what a tough thing to lose your cat to a foster pet. Kind of you to take him in.

    The thing in Connecticut... it leaves the soul cold doesn't it? I haven't had much motivation to blog either. I've been commenting some but haven't blogged since- wow, December 9- which isn't a terribly long time except I hadn't intended to vacate- I just haven't felt like blogging. I don't know when I will either.

  8. Sad stories all. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  9. But it's been a gloomy week for the entire world..When children die, any sane human being feels cold inside...So, you see, you're not alone :).

  10. Danette, Michael, Unikorna, there have been too many sad stories lately. Things have started to brighten up this week, thankfully, though it will take me a while to restore my faith in the universe.


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