Friday, September 23, 2011

The Link Award

It's time for more bloggerly tag games. Both Unikorna at Why I Wake Up Every Day, and Laila at Untroubled Kingdom, have passed on to me the 7x7 Link Award. Many thanks, ladies.

Here, I have to nominate my most interesting and successful posts in a number of specific categories.

Now, some of these had me scratching my bald patch for inspiration, but I've had a go...

The most beautiful post: Right off I'm struggling. I don't think I do beautiful posts as such. Only in the sense that the brat screaming in the supermarket aisle is beautiful in the eyes of its mother. But I picked A surprise around every corner, because it was an account of a beautiful day out.

The most popular post: This one was easy, courtesy of Blogger statistics. Cogitus Interruptus.

The most controversial post: Another tricky one, because I don't really court controversy. But Never mind the matter/anti-matter photomultiplier - just give me warp speed! did trigger a bit of writerly discussion.

The most helpful post: Tricky for another reason, because I am always trying to be helpful. I thought about something from the writers' toolkit series, but finally settled on Whatever you want curry, because it wraps an almost endless variety of dishes into one simple recipe.

The most surprisingly successful post: How to write compelling characters. This was my first blogfest, and the response just blew me away.

The most underrated post: many to choose from! But I liked Homo Imbecilicus for its silliness and wished more people had seen it.

Finally, the most pride-worthy post: This was easy. It's my very first blog post, Welcome to my world. I am proud of it because it was a big step outside my comfort zone, when I had no idea (or expectation, really) of anyone else ever actually reading anything of mine.

Now I have to pass this award on to some more deserving bloggers. So, in no particular order, and looking for people I've not tagged recently, and please forgive me if you've already been tagged with this one...

Gary at Klahanie
Heather at Little Red Henry
Lindsey at Jesse Said Yes
J. Andrew Jansen at...J. Andrew Jansen
Mooderino at Moody Writing

Please check out all the awesome blogs in these links.


  1. Congrats on the award! It's always fun to have these things passed along isn't it? Cheers!

  2. You're welcome, Lindsey.

    Yes, it's a bit of fun, Danette. I always find the hardest bit is choosing who to pass these things on to, out of all the fabulous blogs out there.

  3. Hi Ian,
    My apologies for my delay. Have been experiencing sporadic internet connection.
    Hearty congrats on receiving that award. You are a most worthy recipient. And congrats to those you have bestowed it upon. Thank you for thinking of me in regards to this award. However and I thank you kindly, but I recently did a posting on this award, well actually, Penny the Jack Russell dog, accepted it on my behalf. Thus, I don't wish to start repeating some recent stuff.
    Cheers Ian :)

  4. Botanist, you deserve it. And I'm going to have to check out your very first post. It's a pleasure to know you. :)

  5. Gary, my apologies in turn. I've since seen the post where Penny, the modest Internet star, graciously accepted that award. How did I miss that?

    Laila, thank you. *blushes*

  6. You are very deserving of this award and I'm looking forward to going through your above mentioned posts.
    Thank you for thinking of me and I will get mine posted hopefully this week. I know I'm definitely going to have to think it through.
    I enjoy reading your posts, they're always interesting and I like the somewhat randomness of them. Congrats and thank you! Have a groovy day!

  7. Thank you Heather.
    And I'm more than happy with "somewhat randomness" :D


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