Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's quiet around here

Ali and Megan set off this morning to a big Provincial Girl Guide camp, called SOAR, over on the mainland. As Ali plays a big part in organising things like this for our District, you can imagine that this event has kinda dominated our lives for the last month or more.

The last week, especially, has been a whirlwind of packing and preparation and gathering all the gear for the District's patrols.

We were up at 5:15 this morning to rendezvous with all the girls and adults, before they set off for the ferry.

Now they're gone, it is eerily quiet. The garage is empty of gear. It's just me and Matthew.

Today went well. I wanted to crawl back into bed when we got home just after 6:00, but decided to take advantage of the early start. Grocery shopping done, then dropping off soft plastics for recycling and visit to the bank.

Then my mind turned to other matters: fitting a new electrical connector to the utility trailer - a pin sheared off yesterday when they hitched up to drop off the mountain of camping gear being sent on ahead. Easier said than done. It's a four-pin plug, but for some reason there's five wires going into it!

We seem to have some hint of summer at last, so made up for the early start with a siesta out on the deck. Refreshed, time to mow the lawns, then walk Gypsy in one of the many parks in our neighbourhood, before settling Matthew in front of a movie and rustling up a homemade pizza.

So far, so good. But they are away for a full week. More like eight days, because they don't get home until late next Saturday afternoon.

That is the longest any of us have ever been apart.

Wish us luck!


  1. Botanist, you seem to be a little busy lately. I'll never understand men's proficiency with electronics. I once hooked up phone wires and was quite plesed with myself for a while. It's good that you take time off for pizza and walking the dog. :)

  2. Laila, I didn't have much choice with the trailer. I needed it fixed to collect a load of compost so I could get to work on one of our flower beds this week. Between children, pets, and the house, I do seem to keep myself busy :)

  3. We had a few hints of summer this past weekend, too, but then today it rained and was chilly. We've suffered through dark, rainy days all year for this? I give up. :(

  4. It was a good weekend, Jennifer, but still only tantalising hints. Not yer proper all-out summer yet. I hope it kicks in soon, before we set off on our main summer camp up-islnd.


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