Sunday, June 12, 2011

Camping season

The family came back from a combined Guide & Cub camp today. The last of the summer term. Ali's been off on five camps in the last ten weekends, with either Megan or Matthew in tow. This last one involved both of them so I had the house to myself.

Things I've learned this weekend:

1. Being alone and able to plan my day without planning around other people, there's still not enough hours in the day.

2. Even so, when I'm on my own, the house seems to get progressively tidier as if of its own volition.

3. Little jobs, like tightening the handle on the oven door that's been bugging me for weeks, get done.

4. Even with no distractions, I still didn't do any actual writing. I did a lot more critiquing, admittedly, but I've concluded that I can't critique and write or revise in the same week. These processes seem to engage my mind in different and mutually exclusive ways and they simply don't mix. Does anyone else find that?

5. Steak, fries and salad washed down with Cabernet Shiraz Merlot doesn't taste half as good eaten alone.


  1. Not to worry, I can't seem to edit/revise and write at the same time, unless what I'm writing happens to be a part of the editing/revising process. Forget critting. My brain needs to be rewired after that, even though, theoretically, it's the same as editing, just in a different way.

    Yay for getting the little things done!

    I hope the productivity continues!

  2. I'm with you on the wrting/critiquing thing. I can't do both at once. They're two different mindsets.

    Isn't it nice to clean up things and have them stay put away when there's no one else around? Granted, it gets lonely after a while, but it's still a nice feeling of accomplishment. :D

  3. Elizabeth and Jean, thank you. I thought I was just plain weird. Well, I guess that's still undecided, but at least I know I'm not alone in the critiquing and writing going together like oil and water.

  4. I agree with the writing/critting thing, but sometimes I have to go at both in spurts during the same week or I would never get either done.

  5. Mysti, that works sometimes, but to do either properly it takes my slow dinosaur mind a while to switch tracks. Right now I'm pushing chapters through the CC queue, so naturally I'm critiquing flat out to try to keep up with all the wonderful folks critting my stuff.


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