Sunday, February 13, 2011


A brief and rag-tag collection of updates.

I got my paints out again last week. That brought back a whole new load of memories as I wrestled with long-unused painting techniques once more.

No, this is not the Death Star (as Ali insists), nor is it the planet around which Pandora from Avatar orbits (as Matthew thinks). This is the mining moon, Jemiyal, from Ghosts of Innocence. This is unique for me, as it is the first time I've started a painting actually trying to illustrate something specific. Normally I am just getting a pure image out of my head onto paper, an image with no story behind it other than what the viewer wants to invent.

Also checking off finishing touches on the pirate ship (see the Pirates Ahoy! tab). Rope ladder and halyards done. We got a set of signal flags to brighten things up, but still have to find a proper pirate flag.

I'm still taking a break from writing submissions, and find myself looking for excuses to avoid tackling the next round of revisions, but I've been able to fit in a few critiques in the meantime. Limiting my blogging time seems to be paying off.


  1. That is one awesome pirate ship! I bet the kids love it!

  2. The painting looks good so far!

    Revisions are rarely fun. I'm having a hard time with them myself lately. Hopefully we'll both get hit with some serious ambition very soon. :)

  3. Yes, Mysti, the kids love it. I hope they'll get a lot more use out of it this year, because it spent most of last summer under construction.

    Thanks, Jean. I'll have to post some close-ups when I get a bit further along. As long as I can tame the paints, that is. Another suppressed memory is how much the paints try to take over. A bit like characters in writing.

  4. OMG, I absolutely love the painting, Ian! Right after my little sci-fi heart. :)

    And, yay! Pirate ship update! I'm always amazed at how well this project of yours came along. Can't wait to see it fully operational this summer.

  5. Did you ever check out the "Words and pictures" tab up above, David? More of the same there. And I feel I'm on the home stretch with that ship. Just need a warm & dry spell to do a little bit of painting and we're there (bar the wheel, of course, still debating whether to buy or build...)

  6. Wow, I would've liked to have one of those ships as a kid! And you're really good at painting. I didn't look like the Death Star and I completely forgot about Pandora (though I saw the movie Avatar). Good work!

  7. Thanks Stephanie! And there'll be more photos in due course as things progress.

  8. Oh my gosh, that pirate ship is AMAZING!!!! I'm glad you pulled out your paints. I used to paint and I miss it SO. I suppose in my world there is only time to steal for one hobby. I'm afraid I'm not a very good thief to begin with.

  9. Wow, look at that pirate ship! Totally cool. I need to get a hobby. Any hobby. Seriously.

  10. Hey, Tana, I'm enjoying a spot of painting, but finding time is most definitely a challenge.

    Hobbies are great, Jennifer. Question is, how do you regard writing? A hobby? A profession? A passion? For me, I think writing is still firmly in the "hobby" camp, which makes it easier for me to switch focus.


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