Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So this is why I'm not getting much writing done

A long weekend (Victoria Day in BC), and not a Guide or Cub camp in sight.


No! Ian, put away that laptop. There's too much else to do. Like...

Unload a trailer full of compost

Add plants (well, that is actually Ali's department)

And stones

And another little corner of paradise done. For now. OK, you need to use a bit of imagination because some of those plants will grow upwards, others will spread out. I expect the whole patch to look a lot different this time next year. And I'm not quite done yet because I have to build a big home-made sundial for that empty spot by the lawn. But that's just details. The hard work is finally done.

Now that's out the way, the pirate ship beckons.


  1. Shoveling rocks is no fun. I did that a couple weekends ago. Good luck with the sundial and pirate ship. :)

  2. Yes, shoveling rocks is tiring. Luckily Ali mucks in with projects like this or I'd probably still be at it!


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