Sunday, April 18, 2010

Award time

A little while ago I posted about character names, and set off a small train of discussion (not yet finished) here and in a writer's forum I belong to. Jean Davis at Discarded Darlings passed on the Over The Top Award to me. You can find out why here.

According to the rules of this award, I must answer these questions with one word.

Your cell phone: Battered
Your hair: Vanishing
Your mother: Tidy
Your father: Clever
Your favorite food: Curry
Your dream last night: Forgotten
Your favorite drink: Beer
Your dream goal: Appreciated
What room are you in: Study
Your hobby: Creativity
Your fear: Blindness
Where do you see yourself in six years: Published :-)
Where were you last night: Partying
Something you aren't: Patient
Muffins: Chocolate
Wish list item: Relaxation
Where did you grow up: Guernsey
Last thing you did: Eat
What are you wearing: T-shirt
Your TV: Off
Your pets: Many
Your friends: Select
Your life: Busy
Your mood: Thoughtful
Missing someone: Childhood
Vehicle: Sporty
Something you aren't wearing: Frown
Your favorite store: Bookstore
Your favorite color: Blue
When was the last time you laughed: Earlier
Last time you cried: January
Your best friend: Wife
One place you go to over and over: Imagination
Facebook: Que?
Favorite place to eat: Home

And I am handing the award on to David Batista at The Bimillennial Man, for shooting around 600 photos in just a few days in Paris.

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