Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not a bad dog, for a cat

One of our cats, Tigger, is a great big affectionate softy. When he and his brother, Tubbs, pale-ginger nearly-twins, are lying together in the sun, they would not look out of place in the Serengeti.

Despite appearances Tigger still has kittenish tendencies, like reaching through the banisters to swat you as you walk down the stairs.

But he also seems to think he is a dog sometimes.

He follows Megan and Matthew down the driveway to the bus stop each morning. And he often meets them coming home again.

A few times, he's hopped into the car when Ali has been taking the kids somewhere, and he's gone along for the ride. Cats don't usually enjoy that.

This afternoon, I took Gypsy for a walk. I got about a hundred yards up the road when I looked back. There was Tigger, trotting up the hill after us. I carried on walking, thinking he'd stop and turn back. Nope! Another hundred yards and it was obvious he wanted to come for a walk too!

As I was getting near a busier road, I had to phone Ali and get her to come and collect Tigger to take him back home, otherwise who knows how far he might have gone?

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