Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm a writer - the Shark says so

I am a writer.

I have finished one novel and I have three others in various states of planning, progress, or gathering dust.

But you won't see my name on the bookshelves because I've never had anything published. Nevertheless, I am a writer. If you want to argue that point, you can take it up with the acid-tongued razor-toothed high priestess of Sharkdom here.

That doesn't mean I haven't tried to get published, but that is a whole other story. The point is that the process of getting published is a long road, filled with rejection and disappointment. If you've written a novel and are trying to take it to the next stage then it is easy to forget what you've already accomplished. Little reminders like Janet Reid's are a vital part of preserving some measure of sanity.

So, of course I have a day job which I'm not planning on giving up any day soon, but all the same I can proudly say - I am a writer.


  1. You said it in about 1000 less words than me, too. Well done! Hee.

  2. Hah! Thanks, Jan. As for words, who's counting? It's the thought that counts, however expressed, and your post was so entertaining.


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