Pirates ahoy!

Last updated Sunday, April 24, 2011

As at December 31, here is what I had left to do in the way of finishing touches:
  • Finish the hull planking at the stern. Finished January 2
  • Plank out windows at stern. Finished January 22
  • Attach gun ports. Finished April 2
  • Paint windows and gun ports. Finished April 19
  • Finish off rigging. Finished April 24
  • Rig halyards for flags. Finished February 12
  • Fix a rope ladder over the bow. Finished February 5
  • Add lanterns to top of stern posts. Finished January 16
  • Ship's wheel. Finished April 24
For a full history of the project, follow the "Pirate ship" label in the side bar, or link here.

Summary in pictures follows:

June 2010





April 2011

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